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Necklaces for Men
Wed, 25 Nov 2015 11:36:11 -0600

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that men's jewellery is different from that for women. While women's jewellery is often meant to be the centerpiece of an outfit, jewellery for men is meant to complement the attire, not overwhelm.
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Buy the Best Designer Jewelry Online
Tue, 24 Nov 2015 14:47:25 -0600

This article gives an outline of buying the best designer jewelry online and its benefits. With different kinds of jewelry available across the globe it depends on the taste of a girl that which particular design or type she would like to choose for oneself.
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Luxury Watch Buying Tips You Need To Know
Sat, 21 Nov 2015 09:53:45 -0600

When it comes to buying vintage or pre-owned luxury watches, it can be a difficult especially for people who are doing it for the first time. Thanks to the internet shopping for pre-owned luxury watches has become easier as you will find hundreds of platforms dealing in pre-owned luxury brands.
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Jewelry Trends In 2015 That Will Turn Heads
Fri, 20 Nov 2015 11:01:21 -0600

There are many exciting trends for 2015 in the jewelry industry that will likely continue into next year. For anyone looking to spruce up their wardrobe with some new pieces they can rest assured these options are stellar. Looking to find the perfect birthday, anniversary or other gift? Be ready to inspire and impress the lucky recipient.
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Important Tips for Jewelry Design in 2015
Fri, 20 Nov 2015 11:01:57 -0600

While creativity is crucial when it comes to jewelry design, there are some tips that are quite important to the process. Of course, it's important to keep with the latest trends, and that can be accomplished in many ways.
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Choosing the Best Diamond for You and Your Wallet
Thu, 19 Nov 2015 05:43:43 -0600

When choosing a diamond, you want to get the best quality for your money. Whether you are looking at diamond rings, earrings or bracelets, the quality of the diamond is critical to the long-lasting beauty of the piece.
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Tips for Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings
Wed, 18 Nov 2015 06:49:48 -0600

Diamond engagement rings come in many shapes, sizes, prices and even colors. Trying to find just the right one can be a daunting task. How do you know what makes a diamond ring THE diamond ring? Is it the cut or the shape?
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4 Jewelry Trends For This Season
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 10:48:00 -0600

So what's the latest trend in the jewelry industry? What are the most sought after jewelry designs at the moment? Read on to stay up-to-date.
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The Diamond Certificate to Ask for
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 11:19:41 -0600

There is only one diamond certificate to trust for your diamond purchase. The certificate to ask for is GIA. GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America.
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Are Tourmaline And Aquamarine Just As Nice As Diamond Engagement Rings?
Fri, 13 Nov 2015 09:16:55 -0600

Many women are turning away from the traditional diamond engagement ring in favour of a coloured stone. It does lead many to wonder, however, whether tourmaline rings and aquamarine rings are just as nice (or, more likely, just as high quality) as those inlaid with diamonds.
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How to Buy the Best Quality Sapphire Engagement Ring Within Your Budget
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:41:03 -0600

Sapphires are growing in popularity when it comes to engagement ring stones. These royal blue beauties are the birth stone of September and stand for virtue, truth and wisdom, just to name a few.
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What Are the Most Popular Engagement Rings for Women Around the World?
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:41:41 -0600

When it comes to choosing an engagement rings, there are so many important factors to take into consideration. Whether you are buying the right to present to your (hopefully) future bride when you propose, or you have decided to buy a ring together, you want to know what is the most popular options, what makes them unique and what else you should be looking for, ensuring you buy an engagement ring which can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.
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Five Steps to Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:42:26 -0600

Buying diamond engagement rings is probably one of the biggest and most expensive purchases that you will ever make. You want to ensure the piece you choose is going to provide your future bride with a timeless elegance, a unique style and something she can wear on her finger with pride for the rest of her life.
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What to Consider When Choosing Vintage Jewellery
Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:43:08 -0600

Vintage jewellery has become fashionable again with more and more women going for antique and vintage jewellery designs to provide them with that unique and rare item that isn't being worn by every other woman around the world. What you will find this that vintage jewellery provides you with a classic piece combined with timeless elegance that you cannot get when buying modern jewellery from a regular jewellery store. It is important to note that when it comes to buying rare pieces, you should only buy from a antique jewellery specialist who can provide you with the...
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Where to Buy Titanium Engagement Rings
Thu, 05 Nov 2015 13:08:33 -0600

Titanium is well-known for its potency and scratch-free element the world over. Sometimes it's coupled with a diamond due to the fact that its color applauds the flash of a diamond. Most women will definitely cherish black titanium rings or any other titanium ring for that matter, as the ring will less likely suffer from tear and wear. It will always depict its beauty and continue to remind her of how much you value her love.
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Gemstones That Are Widely Affordable!
Thu, 05 Nov 2015 07:47:41 -0600

Because of their extreme rarity, gemstones are exorbitantly priced. In a recent development, a synthetic variety of these items having identical appearance and similar inherent properties is steadily gaining popularity in the market.
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Top 5 Things to Know When Shopping for Diamonds
Wed, 04 Nov 2015 14:47:27 -0600

When you start thinking about buying diamonds, the first thing you probably do is start shopping online. Inevitably, you will compare diamonds in one store to diamonds in another, but how do you know you are getting the best diamond ring? To get the best diamond ring for your budget, you need to know the top 5 things to look for when shopping for diamonds.
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Exclusive Deals on Jewelry This Black Friday
Thu, 29 Oct 2015 06:48:04 -0500

Traditionally, Black Friday has always marked the start of the shopping season for Christmas and New Year holidays and this day features exciting deals, discounted offers and special sales for consumers to make use of. As always, most retailers will open up their stores overnight so as to cater to the huge shopping rush to be seen on this day.
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How to Tell If Diamonds Are Real
Wed, 28 Oct 2015 10:41:21 -0500

As the famous saying goes, a diamond is known to be a girl's best friend, but it can also be her worst enemy if the stone turns out to be fake. You also will be surprised to know that, these days there are plenty of fraud artists trying to sell you an artificial stone, claiming it to a valuable diamond. No one likes to be deceived with fake stone, however knowing a few tips will help you determine if the diamond is genuine and authentic.
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How to Get a Variety of Engagement Rings
Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:37:10 -0500

Every couple has a story. The story begins with how they met, then they tell about their first date and then, before one of the biggest events they will encounter as a couple, they tell about their engagement. Inside the engagement story is one that includes diamond engagement rings.
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How Do I Find A Wedding Ring To Match My Engagement Ring?
Mon, 26 Oct 2015 07:50:58 -0500

This article will examine engagement rings. Because although most couples will want to make a larger investment on their wedding ring, the engagement ring is still an equally important part of the process of getting married. We will examine how to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring.
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Everything You Need To Know About Monogram Necklaces
Mon, 19 Oct 2015 09:55:55 -0500

Monogram necklaces are popular pieces of jewelry that are often worn by girls and women. They come in a wide range of designs and themes. For example, there are those that are childish and lighthearted, and others that are formal and elegant. You can wear the necklace on a daily basis or only during special occasions.
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Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Jewellery Business
Mon, 19 Oct 2015 09:21:17 -0500

If you are in the jewellery business then you must not let fear determine the success (or indeed, failure) of your jewellery retail business. If you show willpower and determination, you will become a successful gemstone jeweller and, with a little help from these suggestions you will be able to get started on your path to success.
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Unique Engagement Rings for Unique People
Thu, 15 Oct 2015 06:52:29 -0500

It's not difficult to find people with their own unique style. And that doesn't mean heading to an alternative bar or hipster cafe. Just take a walk outside at lunchtime, or sit in the local park for a while. The whole world is full of people with their own unique style. In fact, it's far harder to find someone who doesn't display their own in some way or another.
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The Four Cs of Diamond Grading
Thu, 15 Oct 2015 06:53:26 -0500

The four seasons bring us sun, rain, wind and snow. The Four Tops loved us river deep and mountain high. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse promise us death, war, famine, and pestilence. While not everything that comes in fours is desirable, it's good to know what people have in store for us. Just in case.
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Custom Jewelry That Tells Your Story
Thu, 15 Oct 2015 06:53:51 -0500

Kerouac and Shakespeare. Van Gogh and Michelangelo. Mozart and Lennon. Kubrick and Scorsese. While this list of famous figures may seem a little random at first glance, they do all have a few things in common. Whether writer, painter, musician or director, they were or still are masters in their respective fields.
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Current Trends in Custom Jewelry
Thu, 15 Oct 2015 06:54:45 -0500

Whether in the world of jewelry, clothes or music, trends are constantly coming and going. What was popular last year may not be now, and what is popular now probably won't be next year. Despite this, there are certain design classics that never go out of fashion. The little black dress. Aviator sunglasses. The Harley-Davidson. Although it's perhaps wise not to combine the three.
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Handmade Jewelry Versus Machine Made Jewelry
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 13:13:54 -0500

With the advancements taking place in various fields, finding things that are handmade is no less than bliss. Handmade jewelry is one such thing. Handmade jewelry has a history or a story that is attached to it whereas in machine made jewelry, the manufacturer has no personal sentiment associated with the jewelry made by him.
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Aquamarine Engagement Ring: A Rich History
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 07:16:03 -0500

Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that is colored by a blue hue that sparkles and shimmers each time the sunlight hits it. This particular stone happens to be the birthstone of the month of March. Giving an aquamarine engagement ring is highly appropriate if the lucky lady you are proposing to has a birthday during this month.
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Moissanite: An Incredible Jewel That Makes Any Engagement Ring Sparkle
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 07:16:32 -0500

Moissaniteis described as being unlike any other gem in the world and possesses the qualities of fire, brilliance, and luster that some say even surpasses the beauty of a diamond. To look at this special gemstone in the sunlight, you will be enchanted by how it sparkles and catches natural light. It is certain that when a bride-to-be receives this stone on her engagement band, the only thing she can say is "yes.
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Everything You Need to Know About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 07:17:14 -0500

In the world today, there are many different shapes of diamonds and other gemstones fit for engagement rings. You can choose from marquis, princess, oval, round, and even heart shaped cuts. However, what if you want something different that shies away from these popular choices.
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Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Is It What You're Looking For?
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 07:17:57 -0500

You are planning to pop the big question to your ladylove. You have everything planned out but you are missing one very important detail: the ring. You want to pick something truly amazing and unique but you are unsure of what to choose since there are so many diamond cut options. You like the looks of the princess cut but so many folks already have this traditional diamond. What do you do?
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How to Choose the Perfect Customized Engagement Ring
Mon, 12 Oct 2015 07:18:44 -0500

Nothing says, "I love you" more than a custom deigned engagement ring. The fact that you took the time to create the ring yourself show your beloved that you out thought into the design that will wrap around her finger for years to come. This is a heartwarming gesture and surpasses purchasing a ready-made piece of jewelry by tenfold.
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Understanding Aquamarine Engagement Rings
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 11:42:49 -0500

We all know that the most popular choice when it comes to picking engagement rings are still the ones that are made with the diamond stone. However that does not take away from the fact that aquamarine engagement rings are just as beautiful and sometimes even a more unique choice than getting the classic diamond. The gemstone, aquamarine is a part of the same precious beryl family as the emerald. However unlike emeralds that will prove it's authenticity with smaller flaws, aquamarines will rarely have any visible flaws you can spot with your naked eye.
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Shopping for Morganite Ring
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 11:45:23 -0500

You might have heard about the gemstone called morganite being called the most feminine of all gemstones. This is mostly due the fact that the most popular version of morgonite is a pink shade. Of course it can sometimes be a bit purple-ish or even an orange, yellowish shade. But the main color, pink, is why a morganite ring is a great choice for any female looking for a softer gemstone on their ring.
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What You Should Know About Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 11:46:11 -0500

The cushion cut, or as it's also referred to sometimes, the pillow cut, diamonds were very popular about 300 years ago when they were first created. In fact it was almost the default diamond cut back then for both cushion cut engagement rings and all other jewelry. Only in the last 100 years the cushion cut diamonds had to leave the throne for a more modern and currently more popular cut - the round cut. But having that said, they still have a very large fan base and are the second most popular cut today.
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Buying Alexandrite Rings
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:45:34 -0500

Shopping for new and unique rings is more popular than ever. We all want to find a unique and original way to express our personality and taste so getting a ring that perfectly does that is a great idea. This is how alexandrite rings got to be as popular as they are today. While they do date back to Russia (the gemstone that is the central piece of an alexandrite ring got its name after Russian Alexander II that lived from 1818 - 1881 despite the fact that the gemstone was discovered in 1834 by a French man) they are very popular worldwide.
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Black Diamond Studs
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 09:58:11 -0500

Diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones in the planet - usually found in the hearts of Central and Southern Africa. Canada, Russia and even Australia have been home to many diamond-mining sites as well.
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Guide On How To Buy A Promise Ring
Thu, 08 Oct 2015 06:15:36 -0500

Promise rings are common with young people where the young men and women give the rings to their loved ones as a show of marrying them. Since the rings are cheaper than engagement rings, young couples without well established careers go for them. The rings are also great for younger couples who see a great future in their relationship, but they aren't ready to plan for marriage.
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Why Cufflinks Make a Great Gift for the Men in Your Life
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:08:40 -0500

At many different occasions throughout the year, whether at a birthday or at Christmas, it can be hard to choose a special gift for the men in our lives. Apart from the common options of socks, ties and the latest gadget, it is definitely challenging to come up with ideas for presents that you know will really be appreciated.
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What Are Bombe Rings?
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:10:16 -0500

Bombe rings are a unique style of vintage diamond ring that are becoming increasingly popular with those that are looking for a unique engagement band or simply a unique and dazzling item of dress jewellery for their evenings out and special occasions. So what exactly are Bombe rings, and where lies their appeal?
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The Charm of the Cushion Cut Diamond
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:10:46 -0500

The cushion cut diamond is a truly distinctive and captivating way offaceting this precious stone, and because of this it is a popular choice for those looking for antique diamond engagement rings as an extra special way of proposing to their partner. Almost exclusively found in antique jewellery, there is always the guarantee of getting a little slice of history along with your purchase.
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Fascinating Gold Engagement Rings
Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:12:49 -0500

Gold engagement rings are largely preferable for representing the taste of binding the two people's love. Each couple, in most cases, contributes a different love story which is sometimes reflected in the rings like: white gold engagement rings, black gold engagement rings and pink gold engagement rings. By this, some prefer making and designing their own engagement rings to just simply purchasing it in the jewel stores.
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Hiring Jewelry Catches Fancy
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 08:36:07 -0500

Bengaluru-based Shilpa Kanitker had several family events to attend within a month. Like all other women, she wanted to look the best at every occasion. Clothes were not a problem for Shilpa, who had a wardrobe full of them.
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Golden Globes: Contemporary Jewelry Design
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 08:37:38 -0500

Jewelry designing has changed from the traditional gold and silver, to items that are more easily available. Fusion jewelry seems to be in demand and are attracting eyeballs.
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The ABCs of Personalized Jewelry
Fri, 02 Oct 2015 09:17:06 -0500

Gifting someone a personalized jewelry is an extraordinary way to express your love. You just have to hunt for the marker who can give perfect shape to your design.
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Are Fluorescent Diamonds Worth Less?
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 13:54:35 -0500

Around 1 in 3 diamonds are naturally fluorescent and we want help you decided if this is a good or bad thing when it comes to buying a diamond. There are lots of factors when it comes to buying diamonds but which ones are really important and mean the most to the look of the stone? As a professional jeweller and bespoke jewellery designer we have the inside knowledge to help you choose the right diamond and weather the fact a diamond fluoresces or not matters to you.
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Gemstone Pendants - An Ideal Gift for Any Event
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 10:52:08 -0500

Birth Gemstones pendants are a very good choice for gifting purpose. It has some astrological value also. Nonetheless, you should be cautious in order to get the right quality.
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Aquamarine Gemstone
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 10:27:29 -0500

Aquamarine gemstone is a cyan (varying from blue to green) variety of Beryl, a single mineral with several varieties distinguished by their colours. Emerald being the most well known for its vivid green colour.
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Tourmaline Gemstone
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 10:30:43 -0500

With many gemstones on the market, it can be hard to find one that suits your style and which makes you stand out. Thanks to its unique properties, tourmaline is a one of a kind gemstone that can exhibit more than one colour depending on the angle from which you look at it.
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Tanzanite Gemstone
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 10:34:09 -0500

Tanzanite You may not have heard of the gem Tanzanite, but that's because there hasn't been much time for the word to get around. Discovered only five decades ago, Tanzanite is among humankind's new found favourites.
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Amazing Engagement Rings: Choose One That Takes Her Breath Away
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:48:52 -0500

Once you have decided to pop the question, the next order of business is choosing the engagement ring that will adorn your beloved's finger. You might be scratching your head wondering which ring to choose when there are so many styles, colors, and shapes available. After all, this is a life-changing event you are embarking on and it is important to make your girlfriend feel extra special.
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Taking the Plunge: Buying an Engagement Ring Online
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:52:20 -0500

Online shopping for almost anything under the sun is a booming trend in the current economy. From groceries to new pajamas, you can virtually purchase anything, and this includes engagement rings.
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How to Design the Perfect Custom Made Wedding Ring
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:53:27 -0500

One of the greatest aspects of the jewelry industry today is the ability to customize pieces according to your unique specifications, specifically, wedding and engagement rings. If you are the type of person who hates having anything that is the same as someone else, a custom-made ring is the right option for you. Nothing says, "I Do" as a wedding ring packed with personality does.
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Designer Engagement Rings and Their Many Styles
Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:55:44 -0500

Choosing an engagement ring for the one you love is a huge deal because it is a profession of your love and commitment. Making sure you pick the right style is imperative.
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The Armenian Jewelry Industry - An Introduction
Thu, 24 Sep 2015 15:46:36 -0500

The country of Armenia has a rich, fascinating, and sometimes tragic history. This article discusses the development of the jewelry industry in Armenia and how ancient Armenian jewelry patterns are still in use today.
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Ways to Restore Life in Old Jewelry
Tue, 22 Sep 2015 11:20:26 -0500

For any woman, jewelry is a very personal thing. It reflects your taste as an individual and your personality. Do you know even jewelry speaks. It has the power to communicate without having to speak. Sometimes, after taking real good care of your jewelry, it gets worn out with time. These pieces of jewelry are so dear to you that they have become a part of you. Getting rid of them seems almost impossible. There are ways in which you can restore life in old jewelry.
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Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Jewellery
Mon, 21 Sep 2015 11:38:00 -0500

Hand Engraving is a very traditional method of engraving that has been used for many years before engraving machines were around. A Hand Engraver is a craftsman who trains for many years at this delicate and intricate profession.
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Understanding The Different Types Of Bangle Bracelets
Wed, 09 Sep 2015 09:17:31 -0500

Bangle bracelets are known for their inflexible shapes. Unlike chains, you can't adjust their length; therefore, when making the purchase you need to ensure that the bangle you buy easily fits your wrist. Types Of Bangles There are many types of bangle bracelets. They include: Solo: a solo bangle is ideal for you if you don't like wearing many bracelets. When buying a solo bangle you should ensure that you buy one with a powerful presence-it should stand out and draw attention to your arm. For ideal results, you should go for a thick bracelet.
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Custom Jewelry - More Than Just a Round Diamond
Wed, 09 Sep 2015 06:26:20 -0500

Sometimes, and with no indication of when it may or may not happen, a designer absolutely nails it. The result is a timeless design classic that will never be surpassed or look outdated.
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Busting the Myths of Buying Engagement Rings
Tue, 08 Sep 2015 10:02:35 -0500

Despite the best efforts of the world's greatest scientists, there are still many, many things that man cannot begin to understand. Just how big is the universe? What is the meaning of life? And how exactly does a woman's mind work?
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Finding the Right Custom Jeweler for Your Engagement Ring
Tue, 08 Sep 2015 10:19:25 -0500

Although Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll himself, spent his time singing of such concepts as Heartbreak Hotels, Jailhouse Rocks and Blue Suede Shoes, he did sometimes offer some pearls of wisdom too. 'Wise men say only fools rush in', for example. When looking for the right jeweler to help you custom design your engagement ring, it's advice worth listening to.
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Custom Jewelry As an Investment
Tue, 08 Sep 2015 10:19:48 -0500

Ever since the global economic crisis of the late 2000s, people have been looking for alternative ways of investing their money. With both interest rates and confidence in banks still lower than most people can remember, the desire to put money into commodities and property has risen.
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Brief History of Jewelry
Thu, 03 Sep 2015 09:27:48 -0500

The story of jewelry is as old as human vanity. Even in the earliest times, though scarcely yet in a position to organize his society, man found a pretext for satisfying his narcissism by creating hierarchies which required signs of rank.
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What to Inscribe On a Wedding Ring?
Wed, 02 Sep 2015 14:51:08 -0500

Starting from the moment he gets down on his knees and asks you to be his partner for life; for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and what not, tying the knot with your loved one is a beautiful journey all along. On d-day, the biggest, most important elements are the wedding rings, besides of course, the bride and the groom.
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How to Choose an Opal
Tue, 01 Sep 2015 12:41:59 -0500

Unlike many other gems on the market, opals have unique play of colors that makes buying them a very personal experience. There are many factors to consider for those looking to buy the perfect opals for themselves.
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How To Tell Whether Your Jade Beads Are Real
Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:45:59 -0500

Jade beads are one of the most beautiful types of beads, because they are such vivid colors and they are made of a really resilient material. Jade usually consists of either jadeite or nephrite, however some unscrupulous companies will sell beads labeled as "jade" which are not actually made of jade material. Some companies think that they can claim that any beads which are green are made of jade, even though this clearly is not correct!
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Keeping Jewelry Safe And Secure With Magnetic Clasps
Thu, 27 Aug 2015 10:01:17 -0500

There are a lot of different types of clasps in use in jewelry making; including lobster claws, hook and eyes, twists and magnetic clasps. Although all of these styles have their own pros and cons, many jewelry makers have their own personal preferences about what works best for them, and which styles they do not like. Many people who design jewelry with older people in mind prefer to use magnetic clasps, because they are a great way to keep jewelry safe and secure without putting the wearer at risk. Here is some information about why magnets are looked upon favorably by many jewelry makers.
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The Reasons Why Wholesale Beads Are A Money-Saving Option
Thu, 27 Aug 2015 10:07:26 -0500

Any hobby can be expensive, but most people who are really interested in their craft understand that there are usually lots of ways to save money without having to compromise on quality. If you are interested in beading and jewelry making, it is good to know that it is definitely possible to save a lot of money by buying wholesale beads. Although wholesale beads are just like any other type of beads, it is much better to buy your supplies in this way, because it is by far the most cost effective way to purchase items for your jewelry making projects.
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The 5 Most Famous Diamonds in the World
Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:07:14 -0500

The Great Star of Africa - This diamond gained its fame for its immense size, earning the title of largest cut diamond in the entire world. Otherwise known as the Cullinan Diamond, it is a whopping 3,106 carats and has 74 facets and was originally discovered in Transvaal, South Africa in 1905. The stone can now be found within the Tower of London set with The Royal Sceptre, after it was given to Edward VII as a gift, which he wasn't going to accept until Winston Churchill persuaded him to.
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Birthstones and Their Meanings - 12 Precious Symbols
Wed, 26 Aug 2015 11:53:52 -0500

Each zodiac has a ruling planet of its own which influences the traits of that particular zodiac. And each ruling planet rules over specific gemstones according to their color.
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Choosing Jewelry Online
Tue, 25 Aug 2015 10:52:03 -0500

The feature of diamonds and other jewelry items offered by them is that like regular jewelry shops in your region these online jewelers offer you complete assurance about the quality of jewelry items purchased by them. The diamond rings purchased by them are GIA certified followed by laser inscription marked at the edge of diamonds.
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Diamond Bracelets For Women - A Symbol Of Respect
Thu, 20 Aug 2015 12:33:14 -0500

Many people find that white gold bracelets go with pretty much any style outfit, but that they do tend to look best with winter ones (as the sparkle will really stand out against darker and neutral colours). As the diamonds blend almost seamlessly with the gold, however, it is important to note that this choice will make less of a fashion statement.
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Peridot CZ on Discount Calling Out One And All
Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:29:05 -0500

Premium variety of Peridot CZ gemstones is available on hefty discounts. As Peridot gems are birthstones for August, the offer is going to be valid only for this month.
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The Kids Are Alright - Custom Jewelry for Children
Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:56:16 -0500

When examining exactly why people decide to have custom jewelry made, there's a common list of reasons that repeatedly crops up. Some like to commemorate an occasion, milestone or life event. Others have pieces designed to incorporate elements with personal significance to them, such as certain stones, patterns or colors. Others still may simply like to have matching pieces created to represent bonds with family or friends, or to keep someone close to their heart.
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